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Horizon Models - Superb Plastic Model Spacecraft!

Web Store

Web Store

Package Deal #5 - Project Mercury™ Set

$80.00 $112.85

60th Anniversary Special last until May 31, 2023.

Contains one of each of the following kits:

#2002 Mercury™-Atlas

#2003 Mercury™ Spacecraft

#2004 Mercury™-Redstone

Normal MSRP US$ 112.85

Special Price with free postage US$ 80.00

Saving US$ 32.85

All prices are in US$ and do not include customs/import/duties/taxes, etc.

*GST of 10% added to Australian addresses.

Note: Due to reduced international flights, postage is taking longer than normal to some countries. Free shipping may not apply to countries with restricted postal services.

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